Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Obligation at hand: Modern Warfare has discharged around the world, the 25th of October. Cross-play will include without precedent for Call of Duty history, permitting PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC players to fight next to each other, with numerous tips and deceives to be found.

We additionally got our first see Ground War and bounty progressively about the weapons, advantages, killstreaks, maps and game modes. Albeit a considerable lot of us will direct our concentration toward Modern Warfare 2019, there are loads of gossipy tidbits circling that Infinity Ward has since pointed their endeavors at the fresh out of the plastic new Modern Warfare Battle Royale mode.

Present-day Warfare as of late uncovered that it will discharge all DLC on all stages simultaneously. Be that as it may, their ongoing declaration about the ‘endurance mode’ has gone under significant investigation, as the mode is selective to PS4 clients for a year. This has incited significant backfire and many have dropped their pre-request.

To agree with the Modern Warfare season, we were as of late acquainted with the following section of Call of Duty Esports, as the Call of Duty League; where 12 worldwide establishments will contend to guarantee the crown on the new game.


Here’s all that we think about the Modern Warfare 2019 crusade up until now:

Prequel To Infinite Warfare

Present-day Warfare 2019 could be a prequel to Infinite Warfare dependent on intimations through the Infinite Warfare universe.


In an urgent crucial, Price and the SAS will accomplice nearby the CIA and the Urzikstani Liberation Force to recover taken substance weapons. The heart-hustling battle will take you from London to the Middle East and other worldwide areas, as this joint team fights to stop the full-scale worldwide war.

Early Access

Obligation at hand Modern: Warfare’s Release Date is set for the 25th of October around the globe. Be that as it may, many are searching out how to get early access by finding an early duplicate. Moreover, content makers might be pondering when the ban lifts so they can give their fans new substance.

Here’s everything the data on how you can bounce on Modern Warfare as right on time as could be allowed and where to get it from.


Regular Officer positions replace Prestige for Modern Warfare 2019, with each position opening Officer Challenges to help along with movement just as remunerations to stamp your accomplishments for that framework. While Enlisted levels won’t reset this time around, Officer rankings will reset routinely toward the finish of each season.

While the game dispatches with various multi-step Challenge Missions, urging players to attempt to ace distinctive game modes and weapons, new ones will keep on being included after dispatch.

When Does The Modern Warfare Beta Release?

The Modern Warfare 2019 beta occurred crosswise over two ends of the week. The PlayStation 4 selective beta on the twelfth sixteenth September and the cross-play beta on the nineteenth 23rd of September.

What Was Included In The Modern Warfare Beta?

We heard a lot of cool things that we can anticipate from the new game including the Modern Warfare 2019 weapons, advantages, maps, game modes, and killstreaks. There has still been no news encompassing Modern Warfare 2019 fight royale.

Seven Modern Warfare 2019 game modes were been incorporated: Team Deathmatch, Domination, Headquarters, Cyber Attack, Realism, Ground War and Gunfight. Close by this, nine Modern Warfare 2019 maps were included: Azhar Cave, Hackney Yard, Grazna Raid, Gun Runner, King, Pine, Stack, and Karst River Quarry.

Endurance Mode

The new Special Ops Survival Mode will land at dispatch, however, it will be elite to PS4 until the first October 2020. The endurance mode will work fundamentally the same as the element in Modern Warfare 3, fighting yourself against influxes of adversary AI – like Call of Duty Zombies.


  • Here’s all that we think about the Modern Warfare 2019 multiplayer mode:
  • So far there are 19 Killstreaks affirmed for Modern Warfare 2019
  • As it remains there are 37 Guns in Modern Warfare 2019 (counting launchers)
  • There are 17 Perks in Modern Warfare 2019

We presently can’t seem to see the full rundown of affirmed game modes in Modern Warfare 2019, yet so far we know there is Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, Domination, Gunfight, Cyber Attack, Headquarters, Ground War, Realism and Survival Mode.

The full rundown of Modern Warfare 2019 maps in the game was as of late spilled with 8 Gunfight maps, 11 standard maps (with 4 evening variations) and 3 Ground War maps

Cross-play will be empowered between Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC at dispatch with DLC being accessible on all stages simultaneously.